Moving Your Career Forward: Executive Resume Writing Services

Are you searching for your next career challenge but unsure how to stand above the competition? The job search and application process for those at the executive level can be time-consuming and challenging. Expectations for executive-level candidates are high, and it’s critical to present a compelling professional brand that aligns the candidate’s skills and achievements with the requirements sought by employers and recruiters. Executive resume writing services offer an opportunity for the executive-level candidate to share their career success story and unique abilities through optimized professional documents that convey a clear professional brand, thereby increasing their chances of securing valuable interviews.

How Executive Resume Writing Services Work

Professional executive resume writing services usually begin their process with an initial consultation to gather all relevant information regarding the candidate’s career history and accomplishments. Top-tier resume writing services will go further and make it a point to lead an in-depth conversation to discuss the candidate’s career goals and tie all of this information together into a coherent career narrative.

The executive resume writing process involves the following steps:


  • Strategy consultation: Your client success manager (for established firms) or your resume writer (for smaller firms) schedules an initial consultation to discuss the executive candidate’s goals, qualifications, experience, education, certifications, and all other information relevant to the resume. Ideally, this conversation frames the information in terms of a career narrative that aligns past professional experience and skills with the next stage of the client’s career.
  • Research: With the core information in hand, the resume writer performs research on the executive’s industry, professional focus, and the positions to which the executive candidate is applying. It should be noted that executive-level resumes are expected to be tailored to align with specific positions or roles. This research also yields important keywords that will likely appear on applicant tracking system (ATS) scans used by some recruiters and hiring managers to identify candidates who have skills that align with sought-after qualifications.
  • Crafting the Resume: Using the information gathered from the strategy call, written materials provided by the client, and industry research, the resume writer creates the executive resume. The resume will include a professional summary, key areas of expertise, job history, education, certifications, and additional information as it pertains to the candidate.
  • Review and Revisions: With companies offering higher-level, collaborative services, the executive client is provided the opportunity to review the draft of the resume and share feedback with the writing team.
  • Finalization: The writer then finalizes the document in accordance with best practices as well as the client’s feedback and provides it to the client in the desired formats.

Some services offer an option for adding LinkedIn profile optimization to the resume writing package. It is estimated that between 70% and 97% of executive recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit talent. With an optimized LinkedIn profile that attracts the right attention, the executive-level candidate is more likely to gain attention from recruiters seeking to match candidates with viable job opportunities.

The executive resume writing and LinkedIn profile creation process typically takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the client’s availability for feedback, and the length of the revisions process. Generally speaking, the resume will be prepared prior to the LinkedIn profile as it is a more concise snapshot of the client’s career success story.

It is important for the client to be fully engaged in the resume writing process and provide as much relevant information as possible, including quantifiable achievements. Additionally, by reviewing the drafts and providing timely feedback to the resume writer, the client ensures that the final product truly showcases their professional brand and what makes them unique from other senior-level candidates.

Why Use an Executive Resume Writer?

As a high-level professional, you are at the top of your field and understand the impact that you can have on the success of your future employer’s business. The challenge lies in organizing all of your past success into a concise document that highlights key achievements, positions you competitively within the market, and aligns with the specific positions you are seeking. In addition, as a high-level branding document, the resume must be polished and professionally written.

There are many benefits to using an executive resume writing service. First and foremost is the experience and expertise that professional executive resume writers possess. These writers are well-versed in the latest trends and best practices not only in resume writing but also in regard to what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in executive-level candidates within each industry. This expertise enables the creation of high-impact executive resumes that present you as the candidate for the position.

As a candidate grows their brand, a more tailored approach to optimal presentation often becomes necessary. A thorough and engaging initial consultation can add a personal touch to the process that will enable the resume writer to not only accurately and effectively describe your career history, but also frame it in a way that allows your uniqueness as both a brand and an executive-level professional to shine through.

Executive resume writing services can also be beneficial for executives who are transitioning to a new industry and are unsure what to highlight within their vast career history. Professional resume writers know how to identify and expand upon transferrable skills and experience to

Do You Need an Executive Resume Writer?

Competing at the executive level requires more than a solid resume. It also requires a strong professional brand that sets you apart from the other qualified candidates. Furthermore, at this level, there is a significant chance that your competition has employed a resume writing service or advanced career coaching to assist with the job search, so even if you have confidence in your ability to write a compelling resume, it’s worth exploring the benefits of partnering with a professional resume writing service.

Also, remember that time is money when considering this decision. In the time it takes you to write your resume, you could have instead spent valuable time networking.

1. Is there significant competition for your desired role?

Generally speaking, the answer to this question regardless of position is going to be “yes” at the executive level. Not only are you competing with other distinguished executive professionals, but there’s also the strong possibility that many of them have hired the services of executive resume writers to focus on and elevate their brand. This often also includes LinkedIn optimization and the creation of a professional biography to enhance the candidate’s online and social media presence.

When your executive resume is being compared against sleek, professionally written documents, it’s worth asking yourself if you think that what you produce can outshine your competition.


2. Is resume writing one of your strong suits?

You might be a strong writer, but this doesn’t necessarily translate to resume writing. Not only is the career advancement landscape in continuous motion, but there are also many aspects of resume writing that are unique. Even if you write well and know how to highlight your achievements in a clear and concise manner, there are still many potential pitfalls that you may stumble into that a professional executive resume writer would naturally avoid.

In addition, even executives who are strong writers may have difficulty knowing what to focus on, how to optimally present this information to the objective reader, and how to position the document for successful navigation through ATS scans.
To state the obvious, it might be worth more for you to invest your time building and strengthening your network relationships, engaging directly with executive recruiters, and enhancing your LinkedIn and social media presence than spending a great deal of time writing your new executive resume.


3. Do you find it difficult to concisely sell your professional brand?

Many people have a difficult time selling themselves, recognizing that there’s a fine line between confidence and bragging. Adding to this is the challenge of distilling your career into a concise and compelling story and professional brand.
The best executive resume writers know exactly how to toe this line and create a resume that confidently and professionally speaks to your strengths and potential contributions.


4. Are you familiar with the latest trends in resume writing and HR applicant tracking technology?

As a successful executive, it’s unlikely that you’ve had the time (or desire) to keep up with the latest hiring trends and professional branding practices within the career advancement industry. Many candidates who haven’t had to search for a job for a while enter the job-seeking process as if they’ve crossed into another dimension. The rise of social media has added another evolving variable to the process that can make it seem overwhelming.

The prevalence of information available on the internet can ease the process, but it can also lead to even more confusion as not every online source is reliable. This is where executive resume writing services come in. Because credible services have written resumes for numerous candidates across multiple industries while staying on top of important career advancement and resume writing trends, they know how to write and align your personal brand with the expectations of recruiters and potential employers.


5. Do you know how to best frame your key skills to gain the attention of executive recruiters?

Before answering this question, try the following exercise: summarize your professional brand in a single sentence and list 8 to 10 core areas of expertise. This might sound easy, but many executives find it difficult to narrow down their extensive career history in such a way, not to mention creating an entire document that presents the key highlights from your career history in only 1 or 2 pages. Adding on to what is already a challenging task, it’s important that the skills you highlight align with the verbiage within the descriptions of your potential future positions.

This could be one of the reasons why your existing resume has failed to generate interest from recruiters or hiring managers. You could be their ideal candidate, but if your professional brand isn’t presented in a way that effectively communicates this, you might end up at the bottom of the pile. Professional executive resume writers make it a point to craft a resume that demonstrates your professional brand—front and center.

How Much Do Executive Resume Writing Services Cost?

The cost of professional resume writing services can vary significantly depending on the company or individual providing the service. Some resume writers may charge a flat rate for their services while others may charge an hourly rate. The cost can also depend on the level of experience and expertise of the resume writer, as well as the specific services that are included in the package. Additionally, many resume writing services also provide an option for an expedited turnaround in the event the client needs their resume more quickly.
Services offered range from a resume only to packages that include cover letters, LinkedIn optimization, professional biographies, and career and interview coaching, with some firms assigning clients to a writing and career success team rather than a writer only. For entry-level workers or professionals with less extensive, non-executive experience, there are numerous lower-cost services available that can provide basic resumes and cover letters.

Executive-level resume writing services can cost a great deal more than basic, non-executive services. But for this price clients can expect to receive a well-written, designed, and tailored set of branding materials created by seasoned professionals. These higher-level documents optimize the candidate’s chances of landing an interview and potential job quickly, thereby more than offsetting the cost of the service.

As with any investment, it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of the service and to heed the warning “buyer beware.” Although there are numerous lower-cost options available, executive-level resumes require the experience and fine touch that only dedicated executive resume writers can deliver. That being said, a higher cost doesn’t always translate to a better product, so it’s important to research your potential options in order to select the best fit for you and your needs.

Are Executive Resume Writing Services Worth the Money?

As stated previously, whether investing in an executive resume writing service is worth it depends on your individual needs and circumstances. However, the higher the potential salary, the higher the return on investment (ROI).

If you’re between roles and applying to a position that pays $300,000 per year and you can reduce the time it takes for you to land your next job by just two weeks, you will have earned a return on investment of nearly 500%.

Or perhaps you are currently employed, earning that same $300,000 per year, and looking to move up in your career and, with the help of a professional branding firm, you are able to negotiate just five percent higher compensation. In this case, you will have achieved an amazing 1,800% ROI in the first year alone. And that additional compensation is likely to continue for years to come, further increasing the return on your investment.

Either way, the investment in your professional brand will have more than paid for itself and will likely be the highest-returning investment you will make this year.

Creating an executive-level resume involves a lot more than writing a well-written document. At this level, the purpose should be to outline and highlight your professional brand through an executive resume. Considering the evolving state of the career advancement industry and complex resume-writing best practices, the task of optimally presenting your professional brand can be a daunting and time-consuming process.

Hiring a reputable executive resume service – or better yet – a full-service career advancement agency minimizes the effort that you, the candidate, needs to actually write your resume and other career success documents while maximizing your potential to attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

All of this being said, it is important to remember that finding a job is dependent on many variables, and the success of your job search will depend on the current job market, your qualifications, networking efforts, and your brand representation across your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other avenues. The advantage of employing an executive resume writing service is multifold. Along with optimizing your brand, it can also raise your confidence that you are the right person for the job and significantly influence your confidence in navigating the job search process.

What Does an Executive Resume Look Like?

The ideal executive resume gives the reader the immediate impression that the candidate is a seasoned professional with a clear mission statement that translates into the success they can contribute to their next employer. The document should be elegant, concise, easy to read, and contain enough information to discern the candidate’s professional brand without being verbose.

This means resisting the temptation to create ornate layouts. Not only do overly creative designs distract the reader, but they can also interfere with ATS scanners and prevent all of the content from being scanned against important keywords. At the end of the day, the resume needs to be as easy as possible for busy recruiters to read and understand.

Keeping the design sleek and simple will allow your achievements to shine. According to Indeed, employers spend only 6 to 7 seconds on a resume before deciding to move on. If your resume is overly wordy or complex, it’s more likely to end up in the shredder. Instead, focus on a layout that demonstrates precisely why you are the right person for the role.

Additionally, you should list your career history in reverse chronological order to clearly outline the progression of your career, starting with your present or most recent position first.
The general layout of an executive resume includes the following sections:

  • Contact Information: Name, address (city, state only), phone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile handle.
  • Professional Summary: A brief paragraph that summarizes the executive’s qualifications, skills, and experience.
  • Areas of Expertise: A list of 6-12 key skills that reflect the executive’s core strengths and competencies.
  • Professional Experience: A list of the executive’s previous titles, companies, and employment dates, focusing on the most recent and relevant positions. Additionally, if possible, one should avoid describing positions held more than 10 to 15 years ago to avoid potential age discrimination.
  • Education: A list of the executive’s educational degrees and professional certifications and programs.
  • Additional Information: Some executives may also choose to include sections such as awards and accomplishments, volunteer work, publications, or technical skills. The choice should hinge on relevance to the next desired position. Avoid listing personal hobbies or interests as they are not relevant and add little more than additional words for a potential recruiter to read.

It is also important to note that, along with looking sharp and aesthetically pleasing, the executive resume should be consistently formatted and free from spelling or grammatical errors. Remember that the document reflects your professional brand, serving as a written spokesperson by communicating your potential contributions to your next employer or business partner.

For more detailed executive resume writing strategies and to see finished examples written by top executive resume writers, visit Executive Resume Guide.

How Do I Find an Executive Resume Writer?

There are many resume writing services, and it can be a difficult task to find a credible service that’s the right fit for you. Additionally, there are industry associations that provide certifications such as the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWCC), and you may see a resume writer advertising as a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). These certifications don’t necessarily reflect the quality of the product you’ll receive from the writing service.

Online searches can yield results when looking for a reputable executive resume writing service but resist the temptation to look only at the top links. Many resume writing companies spend more money on marketing than on developing their writing and customer service talent, so although they may appear to be the best, they simply spend more to appear in web searches.

A more fruitful strategy is to look specifically for resume writing services that specialize in executive-level resume writing rather than listing it as an upgrade option. Additionally, review client testimonials and any publications such as blog posts to evaluate the potential quality of their services.

What Differentiates the Best Executive Resume Writing Services?

Arguably, it’s difficult to answer this question in a general sense, but there are some distinguishing qualities that can be ascribed to the top executive resume writing services.

Characteristics of Top Executive Resume Writing Services

  • Experience: Top executive resume writing services have a breadth of experience writing resumes for candidates across a variety of industries.
  • Proven Methodology: The best executive resume writing services consistently create resumes that optimally present the candidate’s unique personal brand while aligning with best practices across the career advancement industry.
  • Understand the Bigger Picture: Knowing that the resume is just one part of a larger branding strategy, top executive resume writing firms will offer more comprehensive services that can include longer-term career coaching alongside the full suite of executive-level documents including the resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile material, and professional biography.
  • Client Success: Client success in advancing careers should be the number one goal of a professional executive resume writing service, and they will ensure that you receive the personal attention and professional support you need to search for your dream job.

Ultimately, the best executive resume writing service is one that not only understands your industry but also takes the time to understand you to create a personalized and unique branding package that effectively communicates your value proposition to potential employers.

After deciding what services, you need to take your career to the next level, take the time to research different executive resume writing services, compare pricing, schedule consultations with your top choices, and choose the provider that will optimize your future success.

To read some of Executive Resume Writers’ client success testimonials, visit our Client Success Stories page.

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