You have a targeted, concise, and high-level executive resume that demonstrates your ability to excel in your dream job, but you haven’t heard back from potential employers. While an optimized executive resume is a key element in an executive job search, the best results occur when the resume is used in tandem with online networking. The fact of the matter is that as the world becomes increasingly influenced by technology, online platforms such as LinkedIn have become invaluable tools for landing the opportunity that’s just right for you.


Recruiters Rely on LinkedIn to Search for Qualified Candidates

According to Jobscan, a leading applicant tracking system (ATS), 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and evaluate potential candidates . This means that even with a resume that is perfectly tuned to a specific position, if you’re not using all of the technological tools at your fingertips to pursue your dream job, it may take longer to secure that coveted interview. Recent LinkedIn statistics indicate that there are more than 58 million companies listed on LinkedIn worldwide and over 850 million users, many of whom are executive recruiters. Furthermore, 95 job applications are submitted and 6 candidates are hired every minute on LinkedIn, which highlights just how powerful LinkedIn networking can be in the executive hiring process.

In a recent study, Forbes affirmed that more than 90% of recruiters are searching for candidates on LinkedIn. When companies post positions utilizing the platform, there are algorithms in place that search keywords to identify candidates whose profiles match their search criteria. Both hiring managers and recruiters use these keywords to search for qualified candidates. This means that a necessary next step after completing your executive resume is to optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters and connect you with industry peers and potential employers.

Building on this trend, the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to a workforce that has begun transitioning away from the in-person office model to a technology-focused hybrid or remote work model. As a result, online networking has never been more important to the job seeker. LinkedIn statistics reveal that 84% of recruiters have adjusted their hiring methods to adapt and enable remote processes, with social media recruiting gaining more influence each day . Expanding and leveraging your LinkedIn network and profile is more important than ever in maximizing your chances of being noticed by recruiters.


Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

An optimized LinkedIn profile will increase your visibility to recruiters and potential employers while reinforcing your professional brand. It should highlight and describe your expertise and accomplishments while providing a snapshot of who you are and what you can contribute at a professional level. For detailed information regarding LinkedIn best practices, refer to our LinkedIn Optimization Guide.